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Our Chickpeas are of the highest quality and include Kabuli Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans, Desi Chickpeas, and Chana Dahl.

Kabuli Chickpeas

Kabuli 10, 9, 8 mm   (Cicer arietinum)

Also known as: Chick Peas, Bengal Gram, Gram, Chana, Pois Chicke, Shihu, Garbanzo, Chola, Ceci, Cici, Cheechee, Pois Chiche, Gran, Kabuli, Channa, or Safaid Beans.
A product of Canada, Garbanzo Beans are small, hard, knobby, beige beans about 3/8 inch round. The nutty flavor and firm texture of the Garbanzo Bean makes it very versatile. Garbanzo are found often in Indian and Mediterranean dishes. They are high in fat content and are a good source of calcium, the B Vitamins, protein and iron. Ground Garbanzo Beans are used to make fritters, dumplings and spicy breads. Ground Garbanzo Beans are also referred to as Cici Flour or Chick Pea Flour. Garbanzos are believed to have come from Mesopotamia and were first cultivated about 5000 BC.

Desi Chickpeas

Desi Chickpeas   (Cicer arietinum)

Also Know as: Kala Chana, Bengal Gram, Gram, Chana, Pis Chiche, or Chihu.
A product of Canada, Desi Chickpeas are a light to dark brown colour. They are in the 6 to 7mm range, with a thick seed coat. About 80% of the Desi Chickpeas produced are split in half to make Chana Dahl, and 80% of this split form are ground into a flour called Besan.

Chana Dahl Chickpeas

Chana Dahl   (Cicer arietinum)

Also know as: Split Desi Chickpea, Bengal Gram, Yellow Gram, Gram, Chana Pois, or Chicke Shihu.
Chana Dahl are made from Desi Chickpeas which are peeled and cut in half. This type of legume dates from 6000 BC and have been found buried with Egyptian mummies. They were brought to India by the Greeks and are now an important staple food in South Asia.


10 mm
9 mm
8 mm
Desi Chickpeas
Chana Dahl

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