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Kashmir Valley Retail Packaging

DSP is excited to announce the launch of their retail packaging expansion. DSP has enhanced their in-house capabilities to include retail packaging for their major seed and dry ingredient products currently offered to our customers.

Kashmir Valley products from DSPWe are offering our own brand, Kashmir Valley. This initiative further builds on our "We are the Source" strategy for these products from growing the seed all the way to the retail shelf. We also continue to emphasize high quality products, timely deliveries, and outstanding customer service.

Our in-house abilities allow us to package 2 or 4 pound poly or laminate film in our Kashmir Valley brand. Many of our customers are realizing that they no longer want to be in the higher cost repackaging business, rather they want to focus on distribution and better serving their customers. As DSP customers continue to outsource their internal operations, we are positioned to accommodate those needs. DSP can offer you a 'one-stop shop' for special crop products and retail packaging.

We are offering the following Kashmir Valley products for retail sale:
  1. Besan
  2. Pakora Besan
  3. Chana Dahl
  4. Mixed Dal
  5. Kabuli Chickpeas
  6. Desi Chickpeas
  7. Red Split Lentils
  8. Red Whole Lentils
  9. Footballs
  10. Sooji
  11. Yellow Split Peas
  12. Yellow Peas
  13. Green Peas
  14. Green Split Peas
  15. Green Lentils
  16. Black Eyed Peas
  17. Light Red Kidney Beans
  18. Dark Red Kidney Beans
  19. Mung Dal
  20. Urid Dal
  21. Toor Dal
  22. Canadian Tur Dal
  23. Urid Split
  24. Mung Split
  25. Urid Whole
  26. Mooth Whole
  27. Mung Whole
  28. Pinto Beans
  29. Black Beans
  30. Small Red Beans
  All products are Trans-Fat Free and Rich in Fiber.

Please call DSP (306-644-4704) or email us for more information about our products, pricing and packaging, or our distributors.


10 mm
9 mm
8 mm
Desi Chickpeas
Chana Dahl

Whole Green Peas
Whole Yellow Peas
Split Yellow Peas
Split Green Peas

Whole Red Lentils
Whole Green Lentils
Split Red Lentils
Decorticated Whole Red Lentils (footballs)

Light Red Kidney Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Small Red Beans
Navy Beans
Black Beans
Pinto Beans

Brown Mustard
Yellow Mustard

Ground Coriander
Chickpea Flour (Besan)
Yellow Pea Flour
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